'life can sometimes be a little mundane'




  • 1.lacking interest or excitement; dull.



  • 1.the action of repeating something that has already been said or written.

The concept of repetition flutters throughout all fields of man's labours from our birth to the grave, with each turn of the clock replaying our daily mundane routines. Art acts as a repetition of an original concept or worldly existence and is therefore repetitious by default, yet when contextualised with an array of real life video documentation into these repetitions and beyond how is the effect of repetition explored?

'life can sometimes be a little mundane' is a generative, accumulative and documentation of how repetition holds a focal position within visual arts practises. This explored daily concept of repetition is directly responsive to manmade 'time'; proving recurrence through chance while maintaining a dull like tone; mundanity. Originally designed to be viewed as two individual projections in a 90' space, the final visuals pose a question of the reinterpretation of everyday life within a realm of art.

Original installation was screened at Partisan, 2019, as part of a wider exhibition titled 'One Night Stand'