'New Batch;'


An experimental microscopical view into the object symbology behind queer couples. As the routines of our lives intertwine daily with our lovers, how do these repetitions become factual in determining who we are? The portraits of one another. To capture the essence of who we are as opposed to the physical appearance. These films position the textures, colours, shapes and sounds of these daily objects at the forefront of how we self identify, and more specifically place emphasis on their ability to cast a portrait of our families lives better than that of an above shoulder photograph.

Each of the seven films collectively explore unique avenues within queer coupling and are intend to be viewed as an installation also containing objects of reference. The seven films were installed in their desired format originally during Tremaine's first solo show 'Duality of Affection' at The Northern Monk, Manchester, in 2019.


A story investigating the aesthetics and textures of teeth being cleaned.


A story investigating the reflective nature in a matching key set.


A story interrogating the texture and notion of creating a mutually agreed shopping list as a family. 


A story of the consumption of food being doubled once in a couple.


A story of excessive laundry piling up once moving in with a partner.

(Originally designed to be viewed as a projection.)


A story depicting the often excessive usage of household self care items.


A story of the phone charging cables of couples being intertwined.